Sunday, 24 June 2012

Farne Islands

We were booked to get the boat to Farne Islands the previous day but it was too choppy for the boats to run. To our relief, the weather held out and allowed us to get onto the islands on the Sunday. We had yet another incredible day on the trip to Staple Island and then Inner Farne. The major differences from our previous visits was that the Puffins were closer to the paths, and there were a lot more Puffins with sand eels, giving me even more photographic opportunities. I took virtually the same shot as my award-winning photo last year! On Inner Farne, the Arctic Terns seemed to be even more protective of their young, pecking at our heads and even landing on some people's. I decided to spend a good few hours trying to take the Puffins in flight - I had a great spot, the Puffins were flying from a distance directly towards me, then often only just missing me as they flew low past. An incredible finish to a great three days in the north of England.

My six favourite photos:




Some other photos:

Puffin, Kittiwake & Razorbills
Rock Dove
Rock Pipit

Below are photos for individual species. Too see all of them you need to click 'Older Posts' at the end of the page:

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