Monday, 25 November 2013

We've got a scope!

After years of considering purchasing a telescope, we finally decided that we would and it's been so worth it. It has added a new dimension to birdwatching for my Dad and I. In the past, birdwatching meant identifying different species and occasionally getting close views of something special. However, with the scope, we are brought considerably closer to the action and now find ourselves closely observing the behaviour and spectacular plumage of birds. My favourite moment with the scope so far has to be following two male and one female Hen Harriers at Wicken Fen for about twenty minutes before they went into roost. So I apologise for the lack of photos at times, as I'm beginning to prefer watching a bird closely rather than stressing over distant record shots. I also apologise for failing to post lately, I've finally got my act together and dived head first into my hundreds of untouched photos from the past three months.

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