Sunday, 29 April 2012

Update from home

Possible Cuckoo heard this morning
Male and female Great-Spotted Woodpeckers regularly visiting the garden feeders.
Both were seen close to last years nest site. One was drumming.
Three Mallards are becoming regular visitors to a patch of grass outside our garden, we put down seed for them.
The male Bullfinch is still being seen most days, the female is presumably siting on eggs.
The Blue Tits have shown no interest in our camera nest box in the last few weeks.
Green Woodpecker, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk and Jay have been seen and heard occasionally.

Photo taken with my phone, they let us get very close!


  1. I believe we shared the same Mallards :) I'm also in Hitchin

  2. Yes, they are the mallards we enjoyed watching for quite a few weeks. We haven't seen them for about a month. Great YouTube videos!